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Integral out of the box solutions that deliver value

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As a consultant, interim manager and project manager, Integral Business Planning & Execution is my specialty. It is my gift to put my finger on the sore spot in a short time. Just like delivering integrated out of the box solutions that deliver value.

Such Improvement offers organizations a helping hand to integrate, improve and accelerate their business processes. In this way money, time and talent are optimally used. Moreover, the customer value, the cash flow and the value of the company increase. Such Improvement helps your company to become a ‘High Performance High Commitment Organization’ with:

After an extensive intake, followed by observations, financial and data analyzes, I prepare a roadmap together with the client. This is peppered with integral out-of-the-box solutions, which are often based on a financial benchmark and data-driven joint decision-making. With the emphasis on joint, which implies a cooperation behavior component. The data-driven component is partly implemented in-house and partly in collaboration with partners.

Such Improvement lets the data speak. This is done on the basis of Data Science, or: descriptive statistics. These include: trends, patterns, distributions, center and spread measures. This information can then be used to predict using Machine Learning; also known as predictive statistics. For customers who really want to make a difference, Such Improvement can just take the step to prescribing algorithms (Artificial Intelligence).

Adviseren - Such Improvement

Interim management
As an interim manager I can offer your company assistance with the implementation of the roadmap.

Project management
The same applies to the successful completion of a project that has already started, for which the capacity of the customer organization is lacking. Mapping of all pending projects, mapping the connections with business objectives, setting priorities and then managing the selected projects to a successful conclusion.

Verbinden - Such Imporvement

Do you want to map the position of your company?

I would like to help you gain insight and improve business processes.