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I am driven by curiosity about what you do and engage

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As a consultant, interim manager and project manager, I like to focus on complex organizational improvement issues. In addition, I am driven by curiosity about what you do and engage.

Nice to meet you. My name is Johan Kalkoven. Since 1989 I have done nothing but improve and set up business processes / departments at home and abroad.

Pragmatic solutions
As a hands-on strategist, consultant, disruptor, organization designer, interim manager and entrepreneur, I am the driving force behind Such Improvement. It is my drive to combine facts with interventions for desirable commitment and behavior. Supplemented with pragmatic ‘out of the box’ solutions, this leads to the desired result.

(Inter)national experience
I have many years of (inter)national experience on a strategic, tactical and operational level. Various sectors are familiar territory to me, including industry, services and government. I am familiar with a variety of functional departments such as: R&D, purchasing, production, warehousing & distribution, work preparation & planning and projects. The combination of these has properly filled my behavior, skills and toolbox. I always carry this treasure chest of experience with me and bring it out when needed.

Johan Kalkoven

Very lean
It is fascinating to see that many companies are particularly lean, but that only a limited number manage to improve the value of the company. I saw this confirmed in an article in the ‘Financieel Dagblad’ published in September 2018 that was based on a study by RUG and RaboResearch. You could therefore assume that companies are leaving money.

Patchwork of improvement projects
From my own experience, I can generally assume that many companies miss out on forecasting, inventory management, capacity management, unnecessarily long lead times and inefficient processes. In addition to physical processes such as production, warehousing and transport, these can also be control processes such as cooperation, planning, decision-making, implementation and resolving differences between them. What I also noticed is the ‘patchwork’ of improvement projects that just keep hanging in the air.

Money, time and talent
Such an effect is of course a waste of money, time and talent! That is why I offer organizations a helping hand to integrate, improve and accelerate their business processes. This increases customer value, cash flow and the value of the company. In short: as an inspired consultant, interim manager and project manager I help companies to become a  High Commitment High Performance Organization’.

Industrie heeft matig management

Do you want to pass complex improvement issues to me?

As an inspired consultant, interim manager and project manager, I help your company to become a High Commitment High Performance Organization.